Special Project Book

 Glad you're enjoying my humor! 

                                            I've got something different today

I made this story in late 2019 when Australia first came into focus. At the time, I needed an outlet for what I was feeling but could not express; leading to an unusual (albeit mediocre) creative streak that culminated in this creation. I look back at it now and giggle because it’s so far out of my norm, yet it remains deeply symbolic to me. Of all my accomplishments on paper, this is the only one that’s ever been lead by my heart. No matter what’s going on, it offers a reminder that feeding the soul with love matters above all. To the many out there who have been apart of my journey, still here, or lost along the way; this story exists because of you. For those feelings, I am forever grateful ❤️

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    It's short, sweet, and beautiful  


“This is a beautifully written story and nicely illustrated as well. It tells a beautiful love story that teaches amazing lessons to anyone who reads it. Thank you for writing this book”. - Jordan R

“Well written, the pictures alone speak volumes to the soul i would recommend this to any parent as a must read for their children.” - Alex

“such a unique short read. I love it!” - Calen

Sample artwork: