Cadeeze nuts, jk it’s  pronounced “Ca-deith”. 

Trip to Cadiz was full day stop number one on the Windstar cruise, and it was the first major departure for me from pursuing a ratchet or relaxing time. This portion was more educational, and damn I learnted some things and stuff. 

Cadiz is one of the oldest cities in Spain, it has been attacked by foreign countries more times than Britney in the tabloids, and is full of influences in culture as far reaching as South America. Much of its history is preserved in the architecture, and this city is an example of how humanity can cram buildings into a tiny area to the point that it impacts population growth; literally there is no room left to have people come in. Makes for a cool place to walk about though šŸ¤·. Everywhere you look there is history to be seen, all of which is aggressively preserved by the city. I was really impressed by the system they have in place for tourists, as the streets have colored lines for you to follow paths that will take you around whatever flavor of tour you’d like. Want to see medieval paths? Follow green. Spanish architecture? take blue.  Seaside promenade more your speed? Wander the yellow path. Wanna watch a losing football team? Go Browns LOL.

Something about him says "Hail Satan!"
Is he holding a vape?


Against my norms, I took a tour through a church.....Cathedral de Cadiz, a stunning church that took over a hundred years to build and was easily one of the most beautiful centerpieces to the city. However,  it was not well received to play BeyoncĆ© in the crypt! Sure, its holding their centuries old dead peeps, but like, you’re welcome for bringing you life ,dead people. (spinning  around to 7/11 was necessary for my own religious experience). 

My tour guide took me around the area to point out all the cool buildings and facts, most of which went in one ear and out the other but were v informative. She was awesome, I am just not comprehending 

Dropped some Yonce on ya old ass

When the tour was done I brunched at El Fargo resturante, my guide told me about it and really it was some boughey ass place to eat by the sea.  Down the street is the Castillo de Santa Catalina which of course I loved, because this bitch loves castles. 


 I poked around the city for a few more hours, finding all of my favorite doors (that’s still a thing...). Then I stumbled across Puente De La Constitucion De 1812 (or La Pepa Bridge), a gorgeous modern piece of engineering that stands in stark contrast to the otherwise quaint aesthetics of the city. This bridge is fuckin night it gets rainbow lit.... like me.   

Our love ain't water under the briddddddge
I chilled out looking at plants in Jose Celestino Mutiss Park. blasting my obnoxious Russian rap music to ensure I was not mistaken for an American twat. It didn’t appear that there was much of a gay scene to explore, and after walking 11 miles, I was ready to hit the gym and get back on the boat for some relaxing time. All the while, I snapped photos left and right. Seriousness there was no end to the pretty buildings.

The boat left a good two hours after I got on the ship, and I can’t help but desire more time in Cadiz. I love a city that can be walked so easily, since it takes maybe 15 min to cross from one side of the peninsula to the other. Every alleyway has its own charm and history  I loved walking around them all until i couldn't walk anymore.


My favorite door.....

Oh yeah.  The boat for the cruise is this WindStar WindSurf: