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 Glad you're enjoying my humor! 

                                            I've got something different today

I made this story in late 2019 when Australia first came into focus. At the time, I needed an outlet for what I was feeling but could not express; leading to an unusual (albeit mediocre) creative streak that culminated in this creation. I look back at it now and giggle because it’s so far out of my norm, yet it remains deeply symbolic to me. Of all my accomplishments on paper, this is the only one that’s ever been lead by my heart. No matter what’s going on, it offers a reminder that feeding the soul with love matters above all. To the many out there who have been apart of my journey, still here, or lost along the way; this story exists because of you. For those feelings, I am forever grateful ❤️

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    It's short, sweet, and beautiful  


“This is a beautifully written story and nicely illustrated as well. It tells a beautiful love story that teaches amazing lessons to anyone who reads it. Thank you for writing this book”. - Jordan R

“Well written, the pictures alone speak volumes to the soul i would recommend this to any parent as a must read for their children.” - Alex

“such a unique short read. I love it!” - Calen

Sample artwork:


Meanjin / Brisbane

Meanjin / Brisbane

a beaut

.....If you recall my last post about Au, I was on a "home" finding excursion...initially interested in Sydney, but everything turned around with the Pandussy. Flash forward two years, and I'm happily settling into Brisbane. (maybe without the Sex In The City parody...this time...maybe)

    Sunshine Coast indeed. *Alexa play Pocketful of Sunshine*

I've seen Australia's other major cities plenty of times, and they did nothing to set expectations for what Brisbane would be! Syd is like NYC and Melb is like LA....Brisbane is its own thing....a cross between San Diego and Honolulu, with the friendliest people I've met this side of Thailand.

My first week was filled with people who were happy to sit down with you and chat, share stories, and just get to know what you're about. The lifestyle is relaxed, the climate is wonderfully sub-tropical, and the water....well I am notttt getting in that just yet (Bull Sharks and Jellies still scare me..and the Aus Gov 😂).  read that article, that was 1,700 lbs of jellyfish for my states mates. 

The coolest dude I've met thus far is Andrew, a local that takes trips to the US and specifically avoids our "tourist destinations", instead opting to go on fucking TORNADO HUNTS! Books a whole ass trip on a 14+ hour flight to the Midwest to experience our worst nightmare...as a vacation. 
This man is FASCINATING!

I bet its lowkey romantic, in a will we survive kind of way. 

Per usual, my quest begins in the city botanical gardens just down the street from my new home in Binbilla...the modern day CBD/Frogs Hollow neighborhood....I prefer the aboriginal names for the regions, they just sound way cooler. 🙃 

                                     I digress, the anthophile in me loved every second of these gardens. 

What you see..
Me in my head....

 I have the Bris ....just need the Bane...

(the way he was 2022 gay culture before 2022 gay culture)
*sigh* ...he's out there....

I have never see this color Bird of Paradise! (zoom in)


                                                                                                          I dig your roots. 

unchut gemz

The formal name of the sculpture below is: Building Blocks of Life by Anton Bruinsma

         ...I affectionally know it as 
Big Fat Titties When They Hanging Out My Tank Top.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing his other works around Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Greetings from the usual suspects.... Bin chickens and water dragons.


Up the street is your typical city stuff, cool shopping plazas, restaurants, lots of neato buildings.

Toucan Sam said follow your nose, so here it is....

circling back down by the river walk....
No where near Croc County yet I'm still sus of every track I see on the banks...because that one time.

 Bird? sure...croc?? nah...but maybe? Idk, I only ever sold popcorn in Boy Scouts. 

The walk circled back to the park, so here's another tired/happy pic.

...My week ended at Sportsman Hotel, a gay bar you can best describe as Cheers but with drag shows, leather nights, and karaoke. Literally, took no time to be introduced to the locals...and vice versa....EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAAAAAAMEEEE!


took a stop see the nearest of several museums in the CBD Museum of Brisbane
Small but mighty! These were awesome exhibits

....and then things got a little thirsty....

[on lookers] : *rapid camera bursts* "he sure is taking a lot of photos of this one"

Sunshine Psychology ...indeed.

Finally, this wonderland of colors that looks straight out of a Kyary kyary pamyu pamyu video


This post will be updated as I get into some of the events, holidays, and touristy things like the Australian Zoo...I LIVED for Crocodile Hunter and cant wait for a chance to experience that legends legacy zoo <3

It's home now, so I'll have plenty to share! Oh how quickly this city stole my heart. My absolute favorite city in Australia. 

The Westest Coast - Hawaii


In the US...if "the west coast is the best coast", this is as best as it gets.

>>> some implied nudity within<<<<

I dreamt of this place for 20 years before I had the chance to live and visit. My dream itinerary seemed endless and took living here to make it through. Skydiving? Check (if I'm gonna die it would be smashing into this island), snorkel with sea turtles? Check. Dj'd campouts on the beach? Check. Sleep with plentiful amounts of tourists? Check. Play in waterfalls? Check. run around with wild chickens? double check. You don't notice it but all the while the spirit of Aloha takes over you.

Rules: Respect the people. 
Rules:  Respect the island. 

Not sure what to say about this, you see, if you don't have a concept of what to do here; don't come.

Island life has its ups and downs, but living in Hawaii for the worst Covid lockdowns in the US was easily the most wild. Empty streets in Waikiki in the evening, beaches completely free of hoards of people - in an odd zombie apocalypse movie kind of way, no lines, near silence and no endless streams of cars... just me and my friends in our own little terrifying bubble world *cries*! I always dreamt about what Oahu would be like if there were no tourists, and it was as incredibleeeee as it was horrifying considering the circumstances. A truly once in a life time silvering lining to an otherwise shit situation

Unless you're supremely stuck up, its easy to be humbled.

 Sunsets. Beaches. Hikes. Swimming. Nature. You name it, this island has it. Go to Hulas, get boozy. Get nude with all your friends and take a moonlight soaked swim. or at least pretend youre nude lol   

ignore my little HeeHee.

                                  The skies and rainbows drive me nuts. #cloudporn

My view from home...trippy...

....Then the coolest lighting storms light up the nights. 

You will find that the lighting here is good for both flattering and unflattering photos....

"IS he, u kno?"  

                                                              Ohana means family.

                                        And here "family" means, they might see your leathery-blonde-lazy-boy. 

All times of the year are prime for Hawaii, that said, being less basic about a vacation in the summer can have its benefits. For example, October is both Pride AND Halloween in Honolulu. 
It is notoriously awesome. Hoards of people in costumes up and down Waikiki. 
I would say LA is the pinnacle for Halloween, but this is damn near as good. 

Dear Every Gay At Halloween Trying To Show The Most Skin,

You're welcome, 

the best <3 


You don't need an itinerary coming here. Simply existing is plenty to find fun. And be ready to meet heaps of cool people from all over the world...tourists seem to like this place lol

OKay, back to those skies.



****ATTENTION**** As much as I love this place, dreamt of it as a child as my dream home location, I came to see this is not my home. This is the home of those who have a birth right to the land. When I first arrived I was so naïve to this idea because I had not seen first hand how destructive moving here can be and the devastation of outpricing natives from their lives. it makes you sick.  Hawaii should mirror Monaco, keep the rich from out pricing the natives by offering proper programs that protect them. Far too many people come here thinking it is their own personal paradise, and that misses the point.  Its not just some awesome playground. Imagine being forced from your home because you can't afford it or find a sustainable job, because somehow people miss the concept that EVERYTHING on island is a finite resource. Who are we to take that from someone who truly deserves it? I thought because I wasn't working and didn't live in affordable housing, that I wasn't part of the problem, when in fact, I was the worst of the worst. This island and its people were very good to me, and the best way to repay them was to give them back the space I was taking up. Happy to have been part of the 1 in a 1,000,000 <3 Mahalo Hawaii