I'm late to posting! AGAIN

 Phew!! BUSYYYYYY! I have Bali to talk about here, but no time to do it! (also, for me, Bali is.....not it. People were kind, the rest of it was....look, it works for some. Its the Puerto Vallarta of Australia and we already know how I feel about that)

I am close to finalising permanent residency in Australia, work is full-on, and I have spent most of my free time growing my body and my TikTok following (acting like a moron and saying shit). 

That said, it is coming! - after I come back from Hawaii sometime in Nov. Idk, i might throw on another Japan trip. we shall see. 

You can watch the highlights in my IG for now.

ALSO, wtf am I writing this for? I am the only one on here hahahha yeah. good times. 

But actually, Hi Buffy. I know you're here <3..