Loook, it didn't click with me right away that living in Australia means Asia is now at my doorstep...when I tell you I will be back here multiple times a year, is no joke.👹👹 

Everyone knows Japan is one of my favourite places. Easy. But Japan during Golden Week??!  

COUNT ME IN!!  *note this is not a pervy piss play thing, its actually a string of holidays close together people take the week off....hence golden week...

Admittedly,  Osaka is a food trip... I fuckin loveeee Japanese food, but even more honestly, I took this trip to be petty.  I met this cool Brazilian guy who was in my face for two months bragging about his upcoming trip to Japan..."its SO HARD, to get to Japan"...."I have to go through so many hurdles to get there because I am from Brasil and they never approve our visas"....."I cant wait for my time in Japan"....none of this would bug me if it hadn't been stated in a tone that was implying I couldn't ever go there if I wanted. (I did not tell him I had already been) what did I do? Two weeks before he set off I booked this nice little holiday....said nothing to him...and let him watch me hop along Japan for two weeks without a care in the world. 

Sit down, be humble 🎵

I landed and ran straight to Dontonbori, this is where heaps of nightlife and stuff happens....yada yada. 


              On IG people were taking this pic and of course, i had to. because I'm cReAtIve 

I was TIRED as, so stopped into a cute gyoza spot, got some poses on, and then hit the hay...

as in hey, you have a lot to see you're not sleeping yet. 

 how can you sleep when there is so much to eat???? just look at ....this takoyaki.

and this apple waffle ice cream sandwich?!?

and this refreshing bev-er-augeeee

(whose the other drink you aren't asking?)
She is the coolest person you could ever meet, a fucking legend. 


As you'd expect, everything is alive and bustling! The neon lined streets packed with incredible smells will live in my mind forever or until I forget about it (i have)

And during the day, she aint too shabby

unlike me...I needed to fix these under eye bags....hehe (next day) *googles energy drink*

When I came across the super tiny can of Monster3, i is FUCKING ADORABLE. 

what I didn't know is that this tiny cunt of a drink is potent as absolute fuck. There is little doubt in my mind that drinking a regular sized can of monster full of this concoction would kill you straight up. 

Maybe I'm being dramatic, maybe I'm not. 
All I know is I could feel my heartbeating in my asshole...


I kicked it at Triangle Park in Amerikamura along with the hip youths. They gather around with booze to skateboard and just vibe. 10/10 for a chill evening.


Want to do some serious bar hoppping? There is a 2 story structure called Misono Building, each floor is a U shaped hallway that is lined with these many doors. Inside each door is a bar, all of which are various sizes and aesthetic. It looks a bit dodgy, but some of those places were truly high end. 



                     nobody could explain this. It was put up randomly and so be it.