Sitges: (Seit-jez)

Sitges is one of those homosexual destinations you hear about tossed around with Mykonos and Puerto Vallarta. AND> IT> SHOWS. 

A relatively short train ride from Barcelona sits this magic little land of debauchery. Some places are special because of a subtle LGBT subculture you immerse yourself in, like say, Zona Romantica in PV. Sitges takes an overt approach in how it advertises to the gays...

Here I am, clearly pretending to innocently scoop my fave variety of Udon noodles into my mouth...

( ˘˘)





AND THEN BAM!  (_)  

      A surprise IG photoshop aroused a new meaning for this word.

(°-°)╮┳━━┳       ( °□°)┻━━┻      (°-°) ___.~'__|_

Well played Adam, well played. 

Wouldn't you know it? Some of my IG followers are members of that establishment. I suppose they must be fans of the noodle as well  
 ( )╰⋃╯ԅ(ԅ).

All of this can be off putting to the straights and prudish/closeted gays. You need not worry. Sitges is home to lots of sites and activities that don't involve being fucked, filled, fisted, fetishized, feltched, flogged, and frosted. Or, at least two other things. I dunno. Lets take a gander:
It has streets and buildings you can look at
                          Buildingy.                 Streety.


There are... doors?...

Is this working for you prudes? These ameizing sights? cause if you're jazzed about buildings, doors, and streets....wait till you seee






These heteros get it. Taking in all that BDSW   ┐( ̄~ ̄)┌ 

Meanwhile, the mos' cluster in the street for BDSM  \(^^)/

Admittedly, this is harder to come up with a reason other than sex. Who am I to reinvent the wheel. You could enjoy the beach? Calm, breezy, vast blue shades of sea and sky, ahhhhh refreshhing. That warm salty sea ....serene... don't look to the left side of the horizon unless you're trying to catch dudes pounding on the nude beach. a nice narrow forward view of the sea....lovely. 

  Really though, you can have a good time chilling on the beach.

Look at that sweet Balearic sea. .....AND NOTHING ELSE (O_O;) 

 Perhaps scrolling through my SFW camera roll will expose a few more prude friendly activities?






Ugh. The evidence is pretty strong. its pretty much... nothing for you here so. nothing more to say.
Come here for the fuckfestivities. 

look at these ladies blowin whistles n shit

As always, food. need a good dinner spot check out Alfresco!!!  You'll def need to book that in advance, its got to be the best food in town. 


. Alien.... if the aliens were gay sex hungry monsters.

almost made it through a post without a movie reference. 

()....back at it with my trash photo editing (づ ̄ ³)