OK, OK. So, the other 3 guys went on to Paris, while we stopped off in Amsterdam. If you’re reading this, you know me. I am basic bitch stoner culture wrapped up in giddy school girl amounts of excitement for this stop. We had the coolest B&B I’ve ever seen, on one of Amsterdam’s most prestigious canals, just down from where they found Ann Frank…it was called Le Petit Prince, and oh my gosh, be still me beating heart. This place was the coolest!

It was a crazy 3 flights of the steepest stairs I’d ever seen, no wider than half of my foot (getting luggage up was a one piece at a time ordeal) but the walk is worth it. A modern finish with a Holland kind of quirky charm to it, le Petit Prince is the place to stay in Amsterdam. Phenomenal service, greeted with wine, a stocked fridge at NO charge, and laundry service. It was all very homey and personal, I loved every second. It didn’t hurt that from floor to ceiling this place was decked out in orchids and tulips! TULIPS! In the winter!!!

Moving forward, our liaison for B&B gave us some good recommendations for coffee shops, and not the kind of coffee you drink J Oye. Several grams of OG Kush, Diesel, 5 blunts, and 2 space cakes later, I was in stoner heaven. California could use some tips here, the space cakes put me on my ass!! What a blast we had exploring the city and its many hidden coffee shop gems. The architecture is supreme, the leaning houses with funky shapes and neat bends weren’t from my heavy weed trip, but instead actually look that way. It was really cool to see!! Lots of good food to be had here as well, and the red-light district and all its nudity worked well with the Tove Lo vibe we were giving off. I really enjoyed this city, the flower shops, and my sweet new pair of wooden shoes!!!!!

Luckily my companion was smart enough to suggest bringing some space cakes home for our flight in the coming days, and it was a little bit of a hike to Paris. WOAAH. He did not follow through with eating his cake, and I couldn’t possibly waste such a delicious treat, so 2 space cakes deep flying on a plane was pretty neat….”can you get much higher…so highhh!” comes to mind. Literally and figuratively, No. no you cannot. We had a blast, 2 nights of essentially heavy partying, ended with a nice flight into Paris, the one city I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy. Wrong...