I can't say I was craving a tropical get-away considering I live in year round sunny So-Cal. But, here I was, presented with the opportunity to scope out one of the worlds most basic tourist destinations with my buddy Brian. The photo to the right is the best way to sum up the entire trip, spelling error and all! For this trip I stayed at the Omni on the strip of hotels in Cancun. Its a cutie hotel, good amount of choices for food and the drinks are decidedly strong.

Trying to decide if this is the right trip for you? ask yourself the following questions.....Have you ever shut down a hotel bathroom by eating out a stranger so loudly that security simply ropes the area off? Yes. How about blowjobs on the beach at night? Check. Stripping naked in a hotel lobby after your friend flashes her vag to a bridal party? Indeed.  Sleeping with your friends best friend? Also yes. If you answered yes to any of those questions, Cancun is for you! The debauchery on this trip was astronomical, and so were the adventures!

While this was mostly a relaxation destination, there are tons of things to get into outside of the hotel resort area. I LOVE 4x4s and climbing trees, so of course a 4x4 jungle tour and zip-line excursion were no brainers.  We stopped at cenote for some swimming/diving and did some spelunking through underground caves, which was oddly spiritual. After "finding myself" in the darkest of caves, I was reborn....

Needless to say I was not going to waste my newly reborn self, and spent the remainder of the day coming into the new me....refreshed, energized, at one with my hoe self. 

Re-birth is beautiful. 
Okay, so I was pretty good about the new me for about 4 hours, then I found these two margarita flavors and life changed again.  Oh well,at least its pretty.

That night was a lot of fun, as Brian and I headed out to see my first Cirque Du Soleil. Of course the seats were front row, included some crazy fabulous dinner, and a spectacular show....all in Spanish so I understood none of it. Seemed to be about a girl who loves dinosaurs and time travel, but also had some beef with pirates from space...the usual.
This theater was super cute!

I met some really awesome people on this little 5 day retreat and not a day goes by where I don't think about how I've traumatized them. Everyone, you're welcome and also I am sorry. LOL  The rest is much of a blur, between clubs, the beach, some snorkeling, and rando encounters with the other guests. It may have just been another tropical get away, but much can be said ab...actually, that is all it was.

Wild. Ass. Trip. My name-tag says it all I'm  "That Bitch"