There is only one country I had any kind of preparation to see. Japan.
I took Japanese language courses in college with the plan on visiting and being able to navigate without an issue... and to my credit, I did v well with my iPhone.

I landed in Tokyo coming from my trip to Bangkok....

side note: JAL Airlines hands down has the best food ever...provided you're in 1st or Business.

When I would dream of Tokyo, I imagined a blend of high fashion and goofy outfits, talking robots, classic temples, cherry blossoms, and anime themed everything. Tokyo didn't disappoint.

I stayed in Shibuya in the Harajuku district, again with an AirBnb, to be in the heart of the Tokyo fashion scene. You will see a lot of Japans strange/cute fashion being represented in this area, a plus for people watching.  I was able to see most of what I wanted just walking about, which is great because the super kick ass transit system is confusing af to me. 

First stop, Yoyogi Park...
You can literally wander in this park for hours on end, which I was happy to do. You will eventually come across Meiji Jingu Temple... 


 I loved all the photo ops here. Plus, I found my dream door. (thats gotta be a normal thing)
I. Love. This. Door

The scope of this trip was for me to recover from the shit show that was Bangkok, which was easily accomplished. Tokyo's skyline is pretty...I highly recommend finding a place with a tub on the roof, it was a flawless way to enjoy the view.  

but actually, tho.. 
Ha. I almost married that robot. 
These were the guests I invited

Would have had our honeymoon at the Robot Restaurant (duh).  They put on an hour long dinner show with battling robots, dancers, crazy costumes, and some nuts music.

Alas, I settled into a bitter truth. A gay man cannot marry a heterobot. On to the next...

 I can't wait to come back and check out more of Japan. Perhaps next time I will find love...
Or another super cute umbrella...I mean..yassss!