Easily my longest trip so far, keeping me out of the US for over a month. Anyone who knows me, knows I have an outward desire to consume Asian culture and it screamed to be represented - we lived our best life here.

My accommodations were set up through AirBnB at Hyde condominium  in sukhumvit off of soi 13. This condo was insane!!! An entire floor of this building is a wrap around pool/gym. You can legitimately swim from one side of this building to the other, which was pretty neat to do 7 stories up. I was happy to call this place home, as any sensible lover of luxury high-rises would.

There is so much life to the city!!! Night or day, Bangkok is always poppin. I can think of nowhere else where you can encounter some of the most beautiful sights and colors your eyes have ever seen, and also smell some of the most putrid things a human can stomach. Seriously. Ever been down wind of a fish market in Bangkok during the summer with 95% humidity? Ha. Id rather spend 6 days in a room full of mostly decaying bodies than to get a HINT OF A WHIFF of that smell again. The people were SUPER nice tho! 

Lumpini Park

The parks and Wats' are by far the biggest draw for tourists here, which isn't hard to figure out why. In fact, the vibrancy of the colors is probably the most shocking part of all. ...You know when you watch the "demo TV" at Best Buy and its some insane color pallet you wouldn't have recreated in normal circumstance? Thats fuckin Bangkok. 
Everything shines in these parks and temples. 

You're hit by the dramatic contrast when to walk out of the temple above, and right back into the city below.

Wow, yeah. Like. So pretty. Zoom in. Treat yo self.

This is neat and all. Where is my debauchery in this crazy city? 
Yeah, well. I recline all the time, so. 

 A good way to start is at a restaurant called Cabbages and Condoms, where condom themed everything lives...

Then go over to "Soi Cowboy" and find yourself a girl. Its easy to do.... 

Kinda...cause like. You have to do a "dick check"... 

She passed the test... with a 10in dick. I was V happy to meet a ladyboy tho. 

Off to one of those neat-o shows they all talk about. It is imperative that you be drunk enough that auto-correct can take over and you will have no ability to recognize that. 
A show dedicated to the physical prowess of the female genitalia.

 Recuperate from your night of ladyboys, ping-pong shows, and heavy drinking with more parks and temples. mmmmm. lavish.

Easily my favorite place to be on this Earth.

OHHH but it wouldnt be me if I didnt struggle with appliances so