The Middle Part - United States of America



Denver was a nice adventure. My first weekend trip here ended up lasting about a month thanks to my uncanny ability to pursue men regardless of location…compounded by great weed, and a 5K glowing foam thingy; I would have been a fool to say no to any of that. Denver is easily the most charming place to live in the US if you want all four seasons and all the things to do. IT is a nature lovers paradise and everyone has a six pack, even the babies.

Its not a wow kind of place in terms of the architecture, yet they do take some risks with this bridge thing. The views are more what this city is about, surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains that leave you breathless...ha ha jk, that's the altitude. 

Stapleton is my neighborhood recommendation for peaceful places to stay with easy access.....and also it was once the airport in The Shinning.

Love Denver, its a nicer Cleveland.

Oh, the running part of that 5k really sucked. 


 ...the party was lit tho.
suds n buzzed

Also, due to the cannabis laws and time zones difference in Colorado and California, you can actually take a trip to spend 4/20 in both states! Flight wise, there is no lost time and blazing  it with the best cannabis the US can offer in one day is a treat, what a day to forget!!!



...side note, on my 3rd or 4th trip (1st road trip) to Denver I was snowed into Vail due to a closed road situation. Vail is an extremely uppity ski resort town, and. it. shows! Getting snowed in here was a trap, since most of the hotels booked up super quick with the rest of the stranded drivers...leading to some unexceptionally priced accommodations that....did not meet the standard of their price point lol beats sleeping at the not much else to do but get schwasted and eat hibachi. Snow sports are not as interesting to me as sitting by the fire, which is a shame because this place is prime af for whatever snow things tickle your fancy.

PHEW! For my Hawaiians that white stuff is happens when water gets too cold.