Granada & Alhambra 

Granada is your typical beautiful town in the Spanish countryside. It sprawls across the Sierra Nevada Mountains (seriously.. who wore it better) and is an absolutely beautiful backdrop to my favorite part of my Spanish expedition- Alhambra...AL...ham...BRUH. 


By now I’ve made it clear I love a good castle, so to have a palace/castle/fortress in one, is just like twisting some BDSM sluts nipples; you’re hitting all the right spots and they're hard as a rock...drooling even.. On top of that, much of this place had the vibe of the house from the Blank Space I was giving you arms-out-standing-on-my-horse lewks all day.  
*Cue music*

Nice to meet you, where you been?

I could show you incredible things

So hey, lets be friends

Alhambra is "pretty tricky" to get into, since tickets in the high season sell out like a Beyoncé concert and need purchased in advance. They ONLY allow in 8,000 people a day *eye roll* and if you’re lucky to be one of them, you’re in for one beautiful day.  The palace represents a ton of different empires that occupied Spain throughout history. It originally began with the Arab empire, was changed by the catholic kings and queens, and now stands as a testament to all who ruled before.  The architecture tells the story the best, and with everything in pristine condition, it’s an easy story to read.  

It'll leave you breathless

Here is a ton of pics, which will do a lot better at explaining than I can....and also notice the castle cat, which got nearly all my attention while visiting this world heritage site 🤣. Really though, look at this cat just chillin. People were staring at me like I should be interested in this thousand year old castle when this cat is literally hunting fish in the middle of it all. You go castle cat.  

*Id be up in that window cutting up his clothes while my mascara runs*
They'll tell you I'm insane
And you love the game

We're young and restless

an actual blank space

Hi, I'm cute that a fish?

Yeah, thats a fish, imma get this bitch



Alhambra is freakin awesome. Seriously, look at these pics again. It's a world heritage site for a reason.... did you see the cat? Go for the cat, you won't be disappointed.

and I'll write your name.