You think you're cooler than me

Monaco is a fabulous place, as expected.  If Monaco had a personality, it would be the bish Mike Posner saw bored in them Dior’s..... and probably is.  Honestly, rich as a culture is something you’ll see in Dubai, but breathe-in in Monaco. Everything is beautiful, bordering on sterile. No graffiti, no unique styles, nothing out of place; simply well done. It gets a little monotonous, while remaining breathtaking. You won’t find a cracked building, a terrible car, or a bad restaurant in this city. Monaco is perfect, in the way your trophy wife is perfect. She exists beautiful and silent as a testament to your success. 

I have a lot of and no personality at the same time

I enjoyed every minute here. The yachts in the harbor are incredible, massive, and representative of the 1% of the 1%. I’ve seen a lot of wealth in this world, nothing compared to the concentration of it here in Monaco.  On top of it all, crews were in the midst of setting up for formula one  and the track was cool to see coming together.

The viewpoints nearby were kewl.  Both sides of Monte Carlo 
and Monaco can be seen from this height. neat...oh. ..  There are tons of cute alleys to wander and you can do so in complete safety. There are over 1,000 cameras watching your every move to ensure you are safe, seriously, it’s safe (nervous laugh) not Orwellian at all (ha ha).

While here I recommend checking out the palace....was charming as far as palaces go.  Stick around for noon and you’ll witness the changing of the guard...made better when dubbed to Sissy That Walk....  

Yeh, I mean, its a great view of the water.

a prime alley for seedy activities...*BJs to strangers*

I picked a pizza restaurant called Le Shangrila for my afternoon lunch spot. For the first time in my life I felt obligated to eat an entire pizza with a fork and knife, in fear of appearing uncouth...that was a fuckin struggle and no shit, the people seated next to me ended up doing the same. Honestly, you can’t tell if you’re in a high end restaurant or not until you get the bill, everyone is so very proper. None the less, the food was awesome.  I hopped around the city until a random downpour had me running back to my ship for some shelter.  I spent the rest of my evening watching large yachts park themselves in the boughiest parking lot in the world - wondering just how much my blowjob skills would need to improve to land me a spot on one of those bitches ....marginally šŸ˜šŸ¤£.
Aye, yo, let yo hur down. 


love a good park

Woof, daddy. 


It’s expensive. It’s beautiful. It’s bored in them Dior’s.....even when she find out how deep them pockets is.  

Lowkey, this place sucks hard because there are no gay bars. not one.