He’ll never love you like I Cannes, Cannes, Cannes.  

Today was Cinco De Mayo and I'm in fucking France, ugh, which meant my first stop would be for a celebratory margarita. I picked a restaurant called Le Flamenco, as they would surely have margaritas, and its perfect view for people watching at the waterfront (which looked like  Huntington Beach by the time I got up from the table). I sat there for about an hour n a half struggling to translate what Spanish dishes were in French. Only to fail pronouncing them to a waitress who speaks no English....ended up with two entree salads, my margarita and some kind of fish burger lol I felt like I was back in Morocco ordering blindly off of menus I couldn't read...

Huntington Beach

Enough booze and.... HB

laced up my walking shoes and feelin dem margaritas,  I  was ready take in the city. First and foremost, there is more shopping than you could possibly do in a lifetime….except no Lululemon...not basic enough. Pretty parks and all of the charming things you would expect in a Mediterranean city were present, yada yada...I genuinely felt like an invader to this doesn't give you the vibe that it was meant to be a tourist trap.  
Le Tourists

When they find that gay porn under your bed

No set agenda for this stop meant I didn’t have anything special I was seeking out. I simply wandered around the city in all directions until I needed a nap. Public art scene on the streets is fairly unique in certain sections of the city (touristy shopping places). 

Cum Bucket
Chopstick Practice
I was most enthralled with a flower shop.  Colors and varieties I had never seen before were displayed in the most charming fashion. The smell was intoxicating, and if I had the ability to keep plants alive, I would have bought everything in the store. 
not even a video
Duped again


I got my art-school-bitch vibe going with some of the pics . Eh.

Great pic of a dude looking at a girl, looking at her phone....the statue was in my way. 

its all about the bush 

a nightmare for those without depth perception
not sketchy enough...
Of all of the....skkkrrrt. 
 TBH,  didn't see as much of this place as I could have. Kind of got wrapped up in those margaritas. Cannestop the feelin 

is mayonnaise an instrument?

"Remember those walls I built?"...
Cannes is just super cool to chill out in. It’s pretty small, and I was coming the week before the film festival thing they do, which the locals surely dread for all of the swarms artsy movie types. I was jazzed as fuck to be missing all those crowds, since it was already pretty difficult to get around some places with the foot traffic.
A .  Door. 
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This pigeon was my absolute favorite part of the entire day because it was serving some serious lewks in the French Riviera.  Slay pige or you’lll get eliminated

This video actually works.