Dis was my first time in Italy, I was not going to fuck it up! There was a v specific list in my head of the three things I needed to do….pizza….wine….and hand gestures. Ciao bella!

I woke up, had an Italian workout, set my eyes on the nearest castle looking structure AND MADE A FUCKIN B-LINE.  I was onnnn it. ..Italy just made me happy

I'm beyond the port, making my way up a hill to Forte Falcone...this didn't come off like some over run tourist town, it was super charming all the way to the top. 
Forte Falcone....and the pizza shop with the blue awning...incredible. 
my intent was to cover as much ground on this island as possible, and ran into some pretty cool surprises.... *cue artsy shot of a bird and unique plants*

I walked all around the fortress before running into a dead end, looped back to the port, and headed down the coast to see what the neighborhoods were like. My journey out landed me in the middle of a residential neighborhood on some random street a couple miles out from the port. I'm walkin about and suddenly a large group of bikes comes wizzing past me....and as the last riders come by I hear "Hi Chris!"....."Hey Chris!"....and turn to see my favorite Australians.  

...Story time:

I met this Australian couple on my boat during the "ho for history" booze and tapaps tour in Cartagena ..they were V impressed by my ability to booze.  I ran into them next in an absolutely random alley way in the middle of Barcelona.....and then once more  in Monaco hanging around the palace....to be in the middle of some random ass residential neighborhood in the hills of this Italian city had me laughing so hard i nearly peeded.

I had to take a pic of the place where they ran into me LOL 

another 10 min of walking and I ran into signs for Capo Bianco beach....a beach made of white 

Lots of beaches on this island have this lewk

stuck to those beaches for a good hour before walking back into town. The walk about made for great photo ops. 
but all this walking was making me hungry.

What is this? A worship center for ants!?..
I imagined this is what all roads would look like


Wishing I had a slinkey

Care home for anorexia...you leave when you can't enter anymore

...Im starving and recalled the pizza place from my first pic of the fortress...by the time I arrived they tell me "full menu no more...pizza and wine only". (didn't need the excuse but since its all they had). 

I was scarred from Monaco and literally fork n knifed that bitch. My list had been completed for my first time in Italy. I had pizza, wine, and got to express myself via my hand all day #deadmemes. The next stop in Italy is going to be Portofino, which was next level gorgeous but did not have this kind of charm.