This tiny city in Spain is perfect for an afternoon of tapas and wine tasting (lol like every other city I'm going to for the next two weeks). Most of the construction was completed in the last 30 years, making much of what you see a blend of old and new.  They are home to the 2nd largest collection of Pablo Picasso’s ceramics and have a nice collection of Dalis in their contemporary art museum (flock of seagulls). Cost was 10 euro and made for a "i can say i did this" moment.


No matter where you are, you have beautiful views. The mountains as your backdrop and the sea in the distance ahead of the village, this is a true piece of  Spanish heaven. There is an obviously slow pace to life here, with no activity in the town until 11:00/12PM, most of the shops and restaurants opening much later in the afternoon.  I quite liked the pace, it makes it impossible not to relax and enjoy what is around you. I spent much of my  time enjoying tapas and wine....because thats actually all i have plannned for this Eat, Drink, Love adventure. (eye roll)

Beau Tea Full
Original bus parking from the 1800s 
I loved venturing around the city, exploring the old towers, shops, and of course the gastronomer spots.  Ya just feel good here.... A group from my boat signed up for a wine tasting, which turned into 29 older people watching me shoot wine like it was water after a 100meter dash. I was so uncouth in my approach that I chugged a full glass taken from a woman sitting next to me who decided she wasn’t in the wine mood. Her loss.  My reputation as the boats party animal had been established, and in the coming days, people would approach me for advice on where to find bars. Legend. 

Mehass is easy to walk about (when boozy too), cause its tiny as hell but a good stop when your're hanging out in Spain šŸ™ƒ. It is roughly 45 min from Malaga and a lot less crowded. ....side note...no Uber.... you can hop on a donkey taxi (yep that's a thing) and ride about the city at a pretty leisurely pace. I elected to stay on foot, because donkeys smell horrible and you're led by a person walking the donkey....so you're literally moving at a walking pace anyway. 

Plenty of places to get a good vantage point of the city. IG has plenty of vids of me spinning around on this guard tower like a 7/11 music video.  

Of course, I made a cat friend

Wonderful artworks  and a clear love of flowers, this city takes a lot of pride in staying beautiful. This town would be the perfect setting for a lifetime movie with the motto :"nothing bad could ever happen here"....cue struggling pregnant teen and cheating murderous husband.  

They decorated with these pots all over. the city Charming AF.  

No, really. charming as fuck.  

Its little, but its a cute Castillo. 

The last thing I saw before unleashing my inner wino

Mijas is CUTE, I made friends with a cat, spun around some old guard towers and nommed tapas till the sun went down.  Mijas gets a 10/10 in my book!! I will be wandering around this place in my dreams for years to come....haunted by blue pots and red wine.